The members of the castle come from different ages, Subaru 1985, Aki 1992, Kokoro and Rion 2006, Fuka 2013, and Ureshino 2020.

"Showa" means the Showa era, but if this word is used in the 21st century, it sometime implies old or nostalgic.

Japanese Imperial Year

In Japan, the western year is popular. In addition to this, the Japanese Imperial Year called "wareki" is sometimes used. "Gengo," the era name is composed of two Chinese characters. Gengo changes when the new Emperor accedes to the throne. (In the old days, Gengo changed more often, such as after a disaster happened.)

  • Showa: December 25th, 1926 - January 7th, 1989
  • Heisei: January 8th, 1989 - April 30th, 2019
  • Reiwa: May 1st, 2019 -

For more information, See Japanese calendar.

Japanese Characters

Japanese use three types of characters, Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana.

  • Kanji: Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji have the same roots.Therefore, Kanji is based on Chinese characters. However, the simplification processes are different, so today, they may look different. Kanji denotes both the meaning and the sound. Most Kanji has two sounds, one from China and one from the Japanese original.
  • Hiragana: Hiragana is a group of characters denoting Japanese pronunciation. Hiragana itself does not convey any meaning.
  • Katakana : Katakana is a group of characters denoting Japanese pronunciation. Katakana and Hiragana are similar in that point. Words from other languages are usually written in Katakana.

Weird Name(Kira-kira)

A non-traditional way of Naming is considered weird and is called "Kira-Kira," literally meaning "shining." Masamune's first name, "Aasu," is a typical example. Kira-Kira name has been increasing since the 1990s.

Subaru, who enjoyed video games with Masamune, made himself becoming a game director.Since Subaru and Masamune are friends, if Subaru became a game director, then Masamune would know the game director. That means Masamune is not a liar.

Rion was sure that the Wolf Queen was his sister "Mio." He asked her if that was true or not, but she didn't reply. (Probably it was true, but left to the readers.) So Rion asked her, "I want to keep the memory of the castle and the others, including you." The Wolf Queen answered, "I will try my best."

The new school year started in April, and Kokoro left for school. On the way to school, she met a boy named Mizumori. When he met her, he said, "Hey." (This situation is a dream which Kokoro thought of at the start of this story.)

Japanese Educational Stytem

Japanese Educational Stytem Starts in April, the second term starts in September, and the third term starts in January.