Aki met her grandmother's friend, Yuriko Samejima. Ms. Samejima helped Aki. Aki graduated junior high school, then high school, and entered a university to study education. Ms. Samejima started an NPO, "classroom for the Heart," and invited Aki to help. Aki was pleased.

Dr. Kitajima, a caseworker for a hospital, came to know "classroom for the Heart." Mio Mizumori was a patient at the hospital. Aki started teaching Mio. Mio wanted to attend junior high school but could not due to her illness. This was impressive to Aki. Therefore, the time Aki spent with Mio was a precious experience.

Aki got married to Dr. Kitajima and got his last name. When Akiko Kitajima first met Kokoro Anzai, she felt a strange feeling of somebody pulling her hand. (Akiko got helped by the other children at the castle.) So she felt that now is the time to help her.

Aki = Ms. Kitajima

Aki was a junior high school student at the castle in 1992. Finally, after fourteen years, Aki(Ms. Kitajima) met Kokoro.

Japanese Educational Stytem

Japanese Educational Stytem Starts in April, the second term starts in September, and the third term starts in January.