Masamune came back to the castle. While absent, he wondered why they could not meet on January 10th. He guessed they lived in parallel worlds, preventing them from meeting together.

On the last day of February, Aki said she wanted to make a wish which would result in losing their memory. However, Fuka said she tried to keep their memory. Due to having different opinions, they were in a bad mood.

The game director's name is Rokuren(Laughlin) Nagahisa."Roku" means six, and "ren" means continuous. "Subaru" means the Pleiades, a group of six stars. "Rokuren" means Pleiades. And "Nagahisa" is Subaru's family name. So, the name implies that Subaru became a game director.
* "Laughlin" has a similar pronunciation as "Rokuren," but it is translated into Laughlin and has lost this implication.
The Wolf Queen said. "sometimes you all seem to me more like the wolf."In "The wolf and the seven young kids" the wolf never search the wall clock. The wish key was there.
From the point of Kokoro's view, the last day of February was the 28th, but Aki and Fuka had the 29th and they made up.

Japanese Educational Stytem

Japanese Educational Stytem Starts in April, the second term starts in September, and the third term starts in January.