Kokoro went to school on January 10th. It became a hard day for her. Miori Sanada wrote a mail and put it in Kokoro's shoe box. The mail made it Kokoro hard to breathe.

Kokoro rushed to the nurse's office, hoping Masamune and others were there. But none of them were there.

The next day, Kokoro went to the castle. Others said they went to school but met neither of them. Somehow, they could not meet outside of the castle.

Masamune did not come to the castle, which worried Kokoro and the others.

Japan's coming-of-age day is held on the second Monday of January. In 1999 and before, Japan's coming-of-age day was January 15th.
January Calendar for Kokoro

Japanese Educational Stytem

Japanese Educational Stytem Starts in April, the second term starts in September, and the third term starts in January.