Masamune would transfer to a private school. Ureshino would go abroad. Subaru would go to a technical high school. Though these decisions themselves were good, Aki might have felt anxious.

Ms. Kitajima visited Kokoro. She said to Kokoro, "You have choices."Kokoro could transfer to another junior high school, such as Yukishina No.1 or Yukishina No.3. She could go to "classroom for the heart" or study at her house. If she chose to keep going to Yukishina No.5, she and Miori Sanada would never be in the same class. Kokoro felt relieved.

On March 29th, Aki remained at the castle after 5:00 PM, violating the rule. Aki was eaten by the wolf. Other members were also eaten. Kokoro was absent on March 29th and was not eaten. She entered the castle to find the wish key and save them by wishing, "Forgive Aki."

As Rion gave a hint to Kokoro, Kokoro noticed the fairytale was "The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats," which reveals what X means and where the wish key was. She found the key and wished, "Forgive Aki."Aki came back.

Japanese Syllable System

Japanese has five vowels, a, i, u, e, o. One syllable consists of a consonant and a vowel. (no consonant syllables such as a, or double consonant syllables such as tsu, are possible.) Japanese syllabary's order: a, ka, sa, ta, na, ha, ma, ya, ra, wa. In the pager(pocket bell), as Aki used, four-one means "ta," the fourth consonant accompanying the first vowel. Three-three means "su," the third consonant accompanying the third vowel.

Japanese Educational Stytem

Japanese Educational Stytem Starts in April, the second term starts in September, and the third term starts in January.