"Lonely Castle in the Mirror" is adapted into a manga version in 2019-2021, by Tomo Taketomi.

There are some differences between the manga version and the novel.

  • Moe Tojo's father is a doctor of pediatrics.Aki asked for the Wolf Queen to stay in the castle at night. (The Wolf Queen rejected.)
  • Kokoro brings a badminton racket and played with others.
  • When Ms. Kitajima gave Kokoro tea bags, she tasted at that day, and said "It smells considerate.
  • "Moe Tojo thinks about Kokoro while Kokoro failed to attend school.
  • Ureshino suggests the Wolf Queen take a piece of cake. (This shows that Ureshino does what he wants to do, and others admire Ureshino.)
  • At the end of February, Fuka came to the castle wearing a mask.
  • Through the castle's window was an intravenous drip.
  • In Moe's house, Kokoro found a book of "The wolf and the seven young kids" named Mio Mizumori.
  • Ureshino played "The Flea Waltz," showing Fuka that he started playing piano.
  • Fuka played piano in front of the other six and the Wolf Queen.
  • In the end, the Wolf Queen took off the wolf mask and turned her face toward Rion. She was dressed in Yukishina No.5 Junior High School uniform.
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